What is a MIND?

A MIND first of all has the thirst for exploration and discovery intertwin in its DNA.

A MIND has the ability to be interdisciplinary, although master of his/her passion, still capable to learn quickly and adapt depending of the circumstances.

a MIND listens and respects the opinions of others and especially other MINDS that are creating or designing something with him or her.

A MIND not just thinks outside the box. A MIND not even sees the box. A MIND helps the communities that serves and specially with his own skills.

A MIND invents and is always in pursue of Knowledge. A MIND understands the future of work and uses time and resources to his/her convenience with open schedules and with the ability to work from anywhere in the world.

A MIND is and will always be along with other MINDS the center for revolutionary thoughts that could change the World.

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